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World of Kings is a solid autoplay mobile MMORPG
saymeimba | 07 Avgust, 2019 05:31

World of Kings Power Leveling World of Kings is a solid autoplay mobile MMORPG with stunning visuals and not a lot of pay-to-win. It probably won’t convince someone who’s already skeptical about the genre to change their mind but fans will get a kick out of it.

World of Kings is set to launch on May 30 in selected countries and will gradually be released to more regions thereafter. Visit their official website to sign up using your email address and mobile number or visit their Google Play Store page if you’re using Android and the App Store if you’re on iOS.

The most prominent features of this new title are its extensive races and classes. There are 4 races and a whopping 9 classes for you to choose to play as each of which can be upgraded to one of three “advanced” version later on. On top of that buy WOK Power Leveling the graphics are stunning – rivaling that of many games on consoles – and World of Kings is also taking steps away from the pay-to-win model that has plagued the mobile MMORPG genre for so long.

Game features:

Four different races each with their own background story and 9 classes with 27 unique advanced specializations like tank support and DPS. More than 100 different mounts and pets to collect. Various fashion costumes and skins to make you stand out.
Dozens of raid instances and dungeons with multiple difficulty levels where you can obtain legendary gear. The raiding party size can be as small as five players or as large as a 25-man raid party.
Engage in real-time PVP with different modes like Capture the flags cart racing and resource hoarding. The game also offers an enormous 20 VS 20 randomly generated battleground maps for PVP and guild battles.
The game has a huge 26 square kilometer open world map just waiting for you to explore. Discover breathtaking places like the Tundra the desert the tropical jungle and many more. Look out for hidden clues as well as that might help you find treasures!
Make friends and chat with players from all around the world. Join a guild or create one yourself to build your own stronghold.

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