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FIFA 20 :all we know
saymeimba | 10 Septembar, 2019 09:57

FUT 20 Coins The official release date for FIFA 20 is 27 September; this is across Xbox One Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 and PC. Usually before the launch a demo gets released but there is no news of a release date this year. We have had a FIFA 20 beta which is now closed but that’s all.

EA SPORTS release a demo version of every FIFA game a few weeks before the full game is due to come out which gives fans the chance to sample the new gameplay and have their first look at their favourite players in the new editions.

The demo will likely include an array of experiences that will be available when the main game launches – Pro Clubs Volta and Career Mode updates.

Pro Clubs is an online mode where you play a specific position in an online match while Volta is a return to street football where you can play a new 5 vs. 5 game mode. Career Mode has been improved with more player customisation and decision making as every move you make within this mode will have consequences.

The FIFA 20 demo release date that everyone expected has now confirmed to be incorrect with the release date coming a bit sooner than many people thought.

For all those who have EA Access you get the opportunity to play eight hours of gameplay a week before the final release which will start on 21 September. However if you pre-order the Ultimate or Champions Edition of FIFA 20 you can jump the queue and start playing three days before release on Tuesday buy FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Coins 24 September.

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